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Barn Door - In house Laminate - WV

· Free Site Measurement upon deposit · Free Delivery

Sliding Door - In house Laminate - D9

· Free Site Measurement upon deposit · Free Delivery

Sliding Door - In house Laminate - ND1

· Free Site Measurement upon deposit · Free Delivery

Sliding Door - Premium Laminate - 1907

· Free Site Measurement upon deposit · Free Delivery

Enhance Security and Style with HDB Main Door

Imperial Door offers an elegant and secure HDB main door design in Singapore. Carefully designed and made with precision using the finest materials, our doors combine fashion with functionality. You can take advantage of premium safety features, such as sturdy locking systems and frames because our doors will be a safer option for securing your home. Our HDB Main Doors can be customised to meet your personal tastes and preferences. Improve your HDB entrance by providing durability, security, and an everlasting standard of elegance.

Innovative HDB Front Door Designs

Your home should have a vestibule that allures and protects. With Imperial Door, you can get aesthetics and safety features that are skilfully merged to class up the front gates of your HDB apartment. From the clean contemporary look to a traditional classic, we have many designs to choose from that suit every style of architecture.

Laminate HDB Main Door Design

Imperial Door offers laminate HDB main doors that are an ideal balance of style and strength. These doors are manufactured not only for visual appeal but also to withstand the test of time. We offer different designs to match different home styles, whether it’s modern, classic, or something else. These doors are not only functional and secure, but they also contribute to the peace of mind of homeowners guarding their loved ones and property.  Imperial Door does not only offer doors; it offers a brand of quality and reliability.

Wooden Main Door in Singapore                           

Wood is the soul of the home design, valued for its timeless beauty and sturdiness. Imperial Door recognises and appreciates the grace and versatility of this timeless material by crafting wooden main doors with a warm and sophisticated feel. Our artists take suitable wood types and use advanced technology to make every door a masterpiece. Furthermore, our wooden main doors not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your house but also provide unmatched security and durability. Add charm and elegance to your house with our wooden main door in Singapore!

Why Choose Imperial Door for HDB Main Door Design in Singapore?

  • Unwavering quality: Imperial Doors adheres to a strict quality policy that guarantees that every HDB main door exceeds the industry standard. Each door is carefully designed and made from high-quality material, which ensures their lasting performance and provides you with an elegant entrance to your home.
  • Esteemed designs: Our HDB front door designs are innovative, offering both modern sophistication and practicality. Be it, contemporary designs or retro styles, there is a wide variety of designs that match every individual’s unique style, increasing the visual appeal of your house exterior.
  • Tailored customization: Understanding the uniqueness of all homes, Imperial Doors offers customisable options for HDB main doors. From deciding on the right type of materials to picking out particular security elements, homeowners can customise their doors in ways that suits their individual tastes and demands.
  • Advanced security solutions: Safety is of the utmost importance, and we ensure you are secure with HDB main doors that have been enhanced with prominent security features. From mass locks on the frame to reinforced frames, our doors offer more security features, making the house and your family members safe from any possible threats.
  • Professional expertise: Due to years of industry experience, our experienced professionals install HDB main doors with no hitches. From accurate measurement to careful execution, this is what our installation process is all about. We take care of every step to ensure that we get the ideal fit and finish.
  • Competitive pricing: Imperial Doors sells HBD main doors at the most reasonable prices without sacrificing quality in the market. We guarantee that our customers get worth for their money by offering good quality and stylish products at competitive prices to every homeowner.
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